Friday, September 9, 2011


Walking around Walmart makes some grocery shopping I decided to stop by the makeup alley , which its pretty normal to anyone even guys stop by there but of-course they will always deny it. Anyway I was looking around and I remembered how inlove I was with the colossal mascara from Maybeline , so I decided to get it just for touch ups or to overlay on top of my mascara I like SUPER SUPER SUPER dramatic eyelashes and TRUST ME ! you wont get them with not even the 45 or + mascara if you dont overlay one on top of the other thats the key. 

So I saw a whole section just of mascaras and then I was so undecided which one to take, then I went by commercials lols YES people the commercial that I felt it was the most appealing one then thats the one I picked out and it turned to be the "FALSIES". 

Packaging its pretty typical, cylinder-sorta, and BRIGHT up in ur face purple color. As you open the container the brush is pretty cool, thick and full, and winged out , its pretty easy to apply and it gives a perfect fan effect to your lashes. I picture that the finished product for lashes has to be a full-fan and this product is pretty darn great. 

So if youre looking for a good mascara on the drugstore price range DEFF. try Maybeline "FALSIES" its a pretty good product and really nice quality.

I overlay it my FAIRYDROPS which I love but its just my thing to overlay products, so my perfect eyelash combo its deff. FAIRYDROPS&MAYBELINE FALSIES <3 true love for me the best of both worlds high-end and drugstore

I combo on the drugstore price range that I think would be a perfect doupe of mine would be : Maybeline COlOSAL & FALSIES.

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