Saturday, September 17, 2011


I had never tried ZOYA before, but I've being reading a lot of reviews on ZOYA polishes and I stumbled across some really nice colors, so I went ZOYA shopping.. lol :D

This baby is called MARINA by ZOYA
( note the sky reflected on the bottle :D perfect touch to the beautiful color )

MARINA is a amazing blue-greyish tone, with tiny purple,silver and gold sparkles, this color is amazing for fall time, and I believe it suits any skin tone. Like I mentioned above I had never had the chance to try a ZOYA nail polish IDK why lol. The formulation and consistency of the product is ccreamy BUT not as creamy as Julep. It still glides on nicely. The brush is alright , the level of pigmentation on the product is good but not as pigmented as Julep, you need at least 3 coats ( maybe it varies from color to color ). I will deff. re-purchase a ZOYA nail polish I believe they are worth it but if you make me pick Ill pick Julep over any :D sorry its just the best polish for me , or the one that works for me the best Im not saying other brands are bad or maybe Ill get a Julep color that will make me change my mind. This is my honest opinion at the moment. 

Overall ZOYA is a good product worth the $, GR8 color I LOVE MARINA :D .

snapshots of MARINA
MARINA "room light" view
 MARINA "room light" nails
 MARINA "natural light" nails
 MARINA "natural light" mailbox view lol 

You can purchase ZOYA at your local ULTA or at
Or direct from their website

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