Thursday, September 8, 2011


Raise your hand your have ever experienced some sort of acne problems? 
( I raised my hand ) 
Raise your hand if by the end of the day your face has 1 more breakout than it used you rite before you put your makeup on? 
( I raised my hand ) 
Ok raise your hand if you have tried drugstore products that work really well for a while but NOW that you really need them theres just not a fast enough product?
( I raised my hand )

Ok guys acne is terrible, I have oily skin and if I something coming out or else I start pocking my face like theres no end, I touch my face and my hair a lot.  I KNOW YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO. I had been using clean and clear ( their version of the silver bottles and purple tops ) and it kinda worked but I had to be literally applying product all day I actually bought 2 bottles for my purse and had to be applying product all tru the day.
My brother had already mentioned to me about SkinID how he wanted to get it and this and that , it was either that or Proactive, but we heard not so many gr8 things about Proactive. I started my background check on SkinID, I read about it , facebooked about it and OMG I saw video after video after video.

Im not going to lie there were some really amazing responses just how they were some really nasty ones , but oh well I know how mean people can be. I went on their facebook and I scrolled down tru the comments pictures ( which they did not have many ). Ok finally I said to myself "Gaby you have been carrying bottles of stuff in your purse all to give it a "try" just order this thing" Im not super crazy and strict about the turn out after all if something happened to my face I would just stop using it and it will go away. 

I found a coupon on and it worked, do I decided to go ahead and make my "cyberway" to their website They claim that everyone gets personalized products, and indeed I bet you do because they ask you all kinds of questions what got me looking like this ---> O.O was the fact that they even had some pictures of pimples and different sort of breakout so you could click on the image on the ones that you experienced and they even got this little drawing of a guy and you click on all the areas that you tend to break out and that you have either oily or dry or all this stuff. AMAZING in deep "quiz" ok so once you are done they make a selection according to the answers you gave so TAKE YOUR TIME. 

I placed my order and I was so impatient to get my stuff, so for me the order did not come fast enough NOT THAT IT WAS THE COMPANYS FAULT it was just the fact that I wanted by magic the stuff to appear like NOW lol. You we all can get like that, Ok so at that moment my skin looked like the surface of the moon, and once I got it I read EVERY single little paper they sent. 

1st step is to clean my face with the cleanser they paired up with my acne conditions.
2nd apply a toner 
3rd apply the acne treatment which HONESTLY has a really nasty scent it gives me a headache but I wanted to see if it worked

I did that and the cleanser made my face feel clean and fresh like they opened my pores and splashed them with scope lol! ok weird comparison but I bet you get my point. 
The toner had a cool scent not yummy but not like the acne treatment so comparing the 2 the toner smelled like heaven for me. The products have a really nice packaging clean design its mainly white with  some sort of color depending on what you get. I got blue, purple and orange. 

Up to know its pretty visible the change I did not break out more, that honestly thats what I was expecting just for the fact that everyone told me that with face products it gets worst then better. With SkinID it just got better which pretty amazed me. Today has been my 1st week using this product and I really like and enjoy it. 

Give SkinId a try if you have been bouncing back and fort from drugstore product to drugstore product. 

Pictures extracted from Google images.

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