Monday, October 3, 2011


Ok so I have mentioned b4 that I get attracted by stuff by the way they look on the outside ! 
so I was wondering around MY walgreens lol ! and I bumped into the cosmetics section lol not weird at all I could be dying and still go to the cosmetics-nail polish area 1st and this got my eye in a flashh 
HONESTLY thats the reason I got it :3, but it sooo ahh total eye candy <3
the shade was "pink lollipop" and the product claimed that if you used it , it would leave a sheer stain just like the ones lollipop leave behind once youre done with them :) so I thought it was sweet yet nice.
this is the actual product OMG !! isnt it lovely even to look at ! 
the color on the cap wouldnt be described better than " up in yo' face pink " :p
this is the color swatched  on my hand, as you can see its super super sheer it looks like a rash lol ! but it doesnt on your lips lol ! btw my hand is not that big and manly lol ! it always appears to be that way on cam. I personally think it does pull up all the " lollipop stain " BUT my lips are quite pigmented so the color doesnt show that much unless I go over and over and over lol, I guess Ill have to try another color or just look at it and 4get it sorta did not work for my lips.
omg ! I adore this lol ! Ill use it as a lip balm lol ! its really really moisturizing btw ! 

I had also being wanting to try the Revlon Colorstay lip glosses, and I just fell in love with this color
the shade is Perennial Plum and I think it should be called PERFECT PLUM. 
this is the color swatched on my hand and I love love the color is a true fall color and they claim that the product lasts quite a while. Well it does and it hard to take off actually BUT it clumps IDK if it was because I applied to much product or else but it clumped on my lips , no one else could see it but I could feel it and its kinda uncomfortable. Yet I loved the color so I didnt mind at all lol ! :D 
lol my lips look crocked 

I recommend both products BUT if you have pigmented lips the color on the 1st product wont show up unless you really work the product several times on your lips.
And if youre not into dark vampy fall shades theres like 2 or 3 softer shades :D 


  1. Perennial Plum looks gorgeous on you!!! I don't think I am daring enough to wear it LOL!

  2. :o id eat up the first products! looks like candy =D


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