Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lush Color Supplements Review

Since my skin is really sensitive and I do break out , out of the blue Im always hunting for new "natural" ways to cover my face ( makeup-wise ). My go to makeup is Mat Velvet+ from Makeup for Ever, which has amazing coverage its truly MAT ! but sometimes I just dont want to wear a full face of makeup, I just want something sheer yet with some coverage I've tried 100000's of tinted moisturizers and omg I look either like  a light bulb or my face breaks out onto a biziliion pimples.
So I've eyeing the Color Supplements from Lush Cosmetics , which you have prob. seen me rave about in the past , I was a little skeptical as far as the quality just because I thought Lush Cosmetics was more like a bath-face care store not really "makeup", but I was looking for info on it, doing my little CSI on the product and I found some good reviews and ok I gave in. 
The Color Supplements is basically a tint in a thick-cream formula that you can either use with a moisturizer or on its own, they only have 4 shades just because the product blends so good so either you get a shade up or down as long as you stay in your undertone range ( pink pr yellow ) you will be fine.

The product comes in a glass container with a plastic screw-cap( it may look tiny BUT  a LITTLE goes A LONG WAY ). Pricing I believe is fine $15.95 just for the fact that is a Lush Cosmetics product and usually I consider Lush a high-end brand not just for the prices but quality-wise as well.
Overall I like the product a lot , Im not in<3 with it yet , just for the fact that Im a "foundation kinda gal"
but the product works gr8.

Im in the shade "Dark Yellow" which may seem really dark in the pic. but it blends in amazing, I think Im going to order the Light Yellow just because were I live ( south TX ) we dont get suuuper cold weather until mid Nov. so my winter-paleness has not yet kicked in.
Give the Color Supp. a try click the link below and scroll down and see the ingredients and more reviews.

Once the color is evenly distributed it blends into the skin amazingly !! 
The color is amazing as far as undertone ( yellow ) some pricier products Ive tried have a really bad base for my undertone but this guy just got the perfect match 
As you can see in the pic the consistency of the product is creamy and thick and little tiny bit is good for the entire face for sheer coverage or build it up apply that amount and then an equal amount over it.

The actual bottle , I accidentally dropped the bottle and the cap broke , but theres nothing a little tape cant fix lol

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  1. I really want to try this! Thanks for the review! I guess I shouldn't be so lazy and take a drive to pick some up! LOL


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