Sunday, October 16, 2011


Revlon (( STARRY PINK )) is a glitter/mutli-size polish, it carries pink-silver micro glitter and chunky silver glitter. It gives your hands a very "sweet-girly" look.
The base for the polish is a pink'ish-lavender'ish tone , which comes out kinda-sorta "sheer" but 1 coat looks gr8. The product is buildable and fast drying, and the glitter glides on the nail nicely without giving you a hard time to apply.

I feel eventhou the color is really pretty it looks better on "lighter" skin tones or "light bronzed" skin tones, due to the fact that since the polish can be "buildable" for a "full coverage" look it can tend to look white & white makes the skin in your hands look a couple of shades darker or if thats the "look" you are aiming for then its the perfect color.

 I personally really enjoy the quality of the Revlon Nail polishes , they are almost all fast drying and they carry some "good dupes" for high end brands. They run from $3.50+ depending on where you purchase them , so I think you get more than what you pay for, which is ALWAYS good.

I got mine at "TARGET" they did not any sort of "special" display for them, they were just mixed with all the Revlon Nail Polish's.

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