Saturday, October 15, 2011

Amerian Apparel : nail POLISH nail POLISH !

Ive been hunting American Apparel polishes for ever lol ! but I wanted to go personally and pick some out, near me theres no American Apparel so I had to wait for a little road trip lol. 
So luckily couple of weeks ago I took off to SA for a 1 day vacay I've been blogging about my "haul" for the past week or so, it in parts because I think its better lol I feel its like personalized for one product rather than just rammble about a whole bunch  ! 

American Apparel nail polishes come in a large range of colors and they go at $6 a piece or 3 for $18 , actually I got a deal in the store located at La Cantera in San Antonio Tx. , they had 3 for $15 so I looked tru the colors they had avai. and GOD its was so hard they do carry some pretty nice colors and some btw are pretty unique, they all seemed to have a "cream" finish to them but online they do carry the "Metallics" which do have some shimmer to it. 

My 3 picks were "PINK LADIES", "DYNASTY", "LOPEZ CANYON". ( names match bottles )
The camera did turnedUP the color on the polishes just a bit, I have not used ANY lol ! so I dont know how opaque they are or how sheer , coats and all that good stuff :D. So if you have any recommendations as far as what to use as basecoat on there guys or coats ..etc please let me know in the comments below.
One thin I noticed is the bottle I just think its pretty nice in shape and width you can store them easily than the "typical" round, cylinder-kinda bottle. So if you guys have any comments on this brand of polishes I would love to know so Il have a foundation on what expect or look for. As far as for now I can see that its not a "cheap" looking product , it actually looks pretty good :D 
The vibe in the store is pretty nice and trendy DEFF. a store you gotta check out :D 


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  1. I think these are available at Ross too? Or perhaps I am mistaken. I will have to take a better look next time I am there to confirm this!


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