Saturday, September 10, 2011


Looking for good looking hair ? no frizz? or just simply really soft ... Have you mistreated your hair ??
( color, perms etc.. ?? ) OK then we are on the same page.

I've used several "deep" treatments for frizz in the past , since I do stuff to my hair ALL the time Im always on the lookout for treatment products. They are usually pricy so I was looking for some good "doupes" I think I found one for the "Macadamia" one. Ganier Fructis to my like they have a pretty good range of products for ALL types of hair. For some reason I stopped using them , MY HEART-TIED shampoo is BIG from lush thats a product ILL REBUY till' I die or they discontinued it, but Ill rave about it in another post.

So I grab myself a bottle of this Garnier product , packaging pretty colorful as usual in that brand "bright green bottles". I waited one day to use it because that day I had on mu hair all this stuff lol, and I wanted my hair "alnatural".Honestly I got a VERY bad impression at the beginning because as I was in the shower and was trying to open the bottle to use it the cap would come off. The entire thing the top cap and the cap that divided the actual product. I hope Im making myself clear as in what "cap" Im talking about. OK so I got SUPER mad and frustrated that I just dipped my hand in the tube thingie : the actual product" and grabbed some product and placed it in my hair. Waited the 3 minutes marked on the instructions and rinsed. My hair was really soft and nice, I did notice I didnot get frizz tru the day but I kinda felt my hair a bit heavy.

It has a similar scent to Macadamia, and to my like Fructis: Frizz DEFEAT makes a GREAT doupe at a fraction of the Macadamia hair product.

I liked the result but I HATE the fact that the cap comes off, but I did liked the actual product NOT LOVE IT but like it.

Thank you for stopping by , Good Luck

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  1. I got this product 4 days back. I wasn't too impressed with it the first time I used it. My hair wasn't completely frizz free. Today i used it again, and I absolutely LOVE the way my hair feels. SO soft and smooth!!!!! I am happy :)


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