Friday, September 23, 2011


I ran out of detergent so I made my way to Walmart , and on the rim of the cap of my laundry detergent was a sample of DOWNY'S  UNSTOPPABLES , which basically they are some little pellets ( cut in half because they're not round ) of fabric softener just in a solid shape and they do the same as the liquid form.

The whole "Downy" thing is not mainly about the "softness" on the clothes, but the scent they leave behind. The liquid does make the clothing smell good but lets be honest the scents fades away while the clothes are hanging in your closet, its so not like the commercials well at least for me and if for you the clothes do smell and burst out flowers please let me know what you do lol :D.

The "UNSTOPPABLES" claim that since they're in the washer since the beginning and they spent more time with the clothes during the washing cycle , theyre suppose to adhere more to the clothes scentwise. In difference from the liquid that is suppose to the thrown in the washer at a certain point of if your washing machine has the compartments for the bleach and softener well they get release later on during the cycle in difference to the pellets that they go in with the clothes since the beginning BUT ! I believe that the pellets dissolve as well is the same thing. The clothes I felt they didnt smelled tremendously different , but slightly a little stronger not suuuper suuper strong that I feel I need to buy only pellets , besides I believe theyre a little over priced in comparison to the liquid which I feel lasts a little longer since you have more control over how much you place in each wash.

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  1. I got a sample of these a while back. They were great, the sent lasts and smells so good!


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