Saturday, December 1, 2012


Believe it or not DECEMBER is here ! 
Wow lets not talk about " OMG the year went so so fast " but instead lets get down to the needy-greedy, December is here yeah we know it BUT CHRISTMAS  ! its just just around the corner.
That being said the whole frenzy about gift shopping will get harder and harder and stores will be packed with people and bla bla ! 
WELL your prayers have been heard , "WHY ?" well because along this week ALL ABOUT REVIEWS will have GIFT GUIDE 101 ! 
Gift ideas for ALL ! 
: teens, moms, dads, in-laws, kids, babys, even pets !! 
Ill be inserting website links , written posts and a few clips here and there .. 
So buckle up because HERE WE GO !!! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TARTE treat yourself to Gorgeous !!

Trate Treat yourself to Gorgeous 

As I opened Youtube as USUAL ! on my morning routine ! 
I saw this bad boy being mentioned like crazy all over my "home feed".

Apparently its a $200 and some value for only $49.95 and EXCLUSIVE to QVC for only TODAY ! 
I peeked tru all the videos that were ft. it and decided to give a go on the 3 easy payment option 
for $20.64 which is not bad ! Im going to split it between me and ma momma ! and for SURE !! Ill be doing some massive swatches !! Dec 7 was the delivery date stated on my receipt sooo lets see how it goes ! be on the look out ! 

love ya !! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long Time no see !!

Well were do I begin !!!
As many of you know changes are always difficult and my enthusiasm towards writing faded away in a POOF ! Theres no excuse good enough in my eyes to explain why was I absent for so long !

But NOW Im back and Im coming stronger than ever !! So companies be READY !! Cuz the ALL ABOUT REVIEWS !!! is back in town !!! just in time for the HOLIDAYS !!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Julep Maven April !

Well I mut say this bo is by far !! My favorite ! Loved the colors ! Super spring aproved ;) !!
Adored the Easter theme !! VERY ! very well thought !! Loved every single detail ... Enough rammblin' lets jump into the box !!
The Julep Maven It Girl April Box includes:
  • Jessica, soft and sweet baby blue creme. What's fun now.
  • Penelope, opaque, almost white creme with a hint of blush. Try it on your toes!
  • Niecy, a bright pink creme for sunny days
    *As listed on the Julep website*
Look how cute !! Easter theme , the chocolate eggs and the grass VERY pretty and chic
love the pop of color that the neon green bring along

It girl April card, very nice , sleek and chic design. Clean and not over

Overall is a gr8 box !!! Julep !! You rock !!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY (( foundations Im loving )) part 1

I have combination skin this meaning I have an Oily Tzone and dryness in certain parts of my face, plus my skin is very sensitive and acne prone so YEAH ! I got the whole package lol.
I roll around foundations a lot , because either they are too oily or too dry or just BLAH I just stormed my way AWAY from the MAC Matchmaster since it started to brake me out , thank God is was just when I had 1 or 2 applications. 
I had my eye on 2 foundations the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and Tarte Amazonian Clay. I walked around them for quite some time and I decided to get my Amazonian Clay from QVC since they had a gr8 deal 2 bottles plus the application brush for $48 when each foundation is $38.00 and the brush is around the $30's as well so yeah is like I got 1 1/2 for free lol ! like if you could part the brush in half lol ! oh well for me it was a nice steal.
I got the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation from the Laura Mercier counter inside Macys and nah I couldnt score any deal on that just the free gift with purchase but thats about it still payed $40 for it. YEAH they both are very pricey or at least for me but foundation is one thing I splurge on because is like the base for a beautiful canvas. 

Ok lets start with Tarte Amazonian Clay will balance your skin due to the fact that it contains Clay and Clay has been around for many many years and been proven to help with skin conditions such as reducing the appearance of pores , minimizing discoloration and helps heal acne , of course this foundation is not targeted to heal acne yet it doesnt brake me out.
This foundation is super blendable and buildable so you can achieve any look you desire and yet it doesnt look cake'e.

The best part of this foundation regardless of the product itself is that it is CRUELTY FREE.
I love the wooden cap and the clean earthy look to the packaging and the actual product.
This is the application brush it came with very very nice , sturdy and gr8 for applying this foundation theyre the perfect match lol  ! and I got it for free 

This is the entire bundle and my shade is medium , usually Im light-medium BUT spring and summer are the upcoming seasons so yeah I have no idea how tan Ill be so I just played it safe , if I need a lighter color I can use my Laura Mercier of just add a tad bit of moisturizer.
This is how it came packaged from QVC very usual , just a bubble mailer 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Creme de Pistache by Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is an amazing brand that cover makeup , skincare , bath and body , everything with a twist of elegance yet simple and chic. Recently I decided I wanted to give my hands a little treat so I reached for Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Hand Creme which is a deep penetrating cream that makes your hands feel super velvety ( not greasy ) soft and smooth as well a very very subtle yet well concentrated scent of pistachio made out of pistachio nuts , almods , praline and hazelnut with freshly whipped cream , overall a dessert for your hands. Creme de Pistache contains grape and olive oil to ensure moisture as well as soy proteins which are rich in amino acids to help repair hands hammered by the sun , cold or just a nice treat. 
This hand creme is formulated for all skin types and runs on the high price point as its a "high'end" brand , running at 2oz. for $15.00 YEAH very pricey but well worth it , its not a MUST HAVE just a treat.

You can find Creme de Pistache HERE or at any Macys that carries Laura Mercier cosmetics.
The packaging is very very nice and shiny , kinda that metallic'e finish 
very nice and sturdy
is actually the 1st time I ever see the "pumping" or "pouring" like this , instead of opening and squeezing out .....
you twist open and squeeze out
very nice concept nice and chic just like the rest of the brand