Thursday, September 15, 2011


Theres a few things you should know about LIPS. YES our lips need to be taken care for in order to have them look at their fullest all the time.

Well just our body the 1st and  MOST IMPORTANT of all the tips your can get is HYDRATE ! 
Lips just like other parts of our body its formed by a "dermis" and "epidermis". The slight difference from the texture or compound of the skin in the lips is that the dermis of the skin on the lips doesn't have any hairs or sweat glands. Which means that this area is directly and bare exposed to the environmental conditions with almost no protection. since thenatural lubrication is absent we have some frequent "bad" factors occur to our lips such as chapped lips or REALLY severe chapped lips.

OK after all my lecture long story short , we have to lubricate and rehydrate the lips ourselves.

-Drink lots of water
-Avoid harsh weather
-ALWAYS carry or have a lipbalm onsite and USE IT

My recommendations HUGE from the heart recommendations on lip products are DEFF. Burts Bees products the regular Lipbalm is GR8 !! recently I just gave it a shot with their "tinted lip balm" and I find it pretty useful just for the fact that once your lipstick , lipgloss or whatever it is that you are wearing in your lips, has dried out or wipped-off. You can bust out your tinted lip balm and it will give a flushed look. 

Here are some swatches from their tinted lip balm in the color PINK BLOSSOM


  1. Ive seen these before and have always wanted to try them.

  2. Teresa525600 : They are DEFF. super worth it :D


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