Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello beauties well as many of us know cuticles can be a pain in the bootey , I feel it marks the difference from a GR8 nail polish application from a "messy" looking one, but if you can pull of a GR8 nail polish application with cuticles , OMG youre my new hero.

I honestly would only pushem back with an orange stick and done-so. Until I decided TODAY is the day I need to get rid of them now, so I went on a journey to get something to get'em out , Walmart was my best bet lol, I went straight to the nail-care aisle and while I was trying not to look over to the nail polish section I saw a huge SALLY HANSEN section that honestly had never gotten my attention before, I mean I have purchased some stuff from that brand in the past but Id never taken a look so deep into it. I saw some cutile removing cream, oil and a gel. I was reading all the specs on all of them and decided that de GEL was the once I wanted to try.WHY? I decided to grab it because the box said " DISSOLVE cutiles in 15 SECONDS " I was likee yeiii , got home and did exactly what the box said , which was to put on the product on your cuticles for 15 seconds and after that to gently push the cuticle back and remove the excess product with soap water.

The product worked really well , if you need something effective to remove cuticles and are maybe in a hurry or just want to try something different try ( ( Sally Hansen Cuticle Dissolver ) )


  1. I use this stuff too! Never tried it with a brush though...I think I will next time! Good idea :)

  2. Yeah deff. give it a try I believe it removes a little better whatever was left over from the orange stick :D


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