Saturday, September 10, 2011


Im a scent freak I love perfumes, candles, super scented stuff, incense and the list can go on FOREVER. If it smells great I got to have it, Ok so I hate when you enter a home and theres no scent I feel like if theres no scent theres no life idk weird but true.

As my husband arrives from work and takes off vest , boots and so on. Well he is working from 2pm to 12am we live in south texas (( HEAT )) so you do the math. As he jumps in the shower I get my secret weapon out (( FEBREZE )) wohoo !! and they came up with this new one for sports and stuff. They claim thats the one they use in the NFL locker rooms so its pretty darn strong.

So going back to my story , as my other half jump sin the shower and I bust out my weapon I spray everything on site: vest ( removing the inserts NEVER spray anything on a bullet proof vest ) the strings , the boots and so on.

He finishes and makes his way out of the shower and says " WOW it smell great I bet I was so tired when I got here I just did not smelled it"

I was like " MMHMHHM NOOOOO you reeked lol !!! "

So to wash the unwashable get yourself the febrezee sports and you got yourself your new best friend, its so worth every peny.

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