Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SinfulColors "DUOS"

Doing my "re-fill" I had to check out any new stuff or "have2have" goodies jn the beauty aisle, afterall I had to find a way to kill-time while I waited for my meds.
They were having a sale on thr SinfulColors n.p , which basically is a affordable n.p brand, that carries a gr8 range of polishes and is pretty good and far as quality and pimentation.
I peeked tru to see if something would trully catch and I found some really nice Dui-Chrome colors , latelly I've been a lot into duo's or holo's they really make your nails pop. These were the 3 shades I got and I can say by the way they look on the bottle that they are pretty amazing. I havenot swatched them on my nails or nail-wheel but I really wanted to share these cuties with you guys. The polishes usually run from $1.98-$2.50 and today I got them for $.99 ;) pretty nice buy actually. So if you like what you see I highly recommend to check out your nearest Walgreens.


  1. I have all of these and they do look awesome in the bottles. However, they are pretty sheer. Layering them over something looks awesome though.

  2. yes they are suuuper sheer but youre rite :D they make awesome to coats :D , what colors have you layered them over ?


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