Saturday, November 12, 2011

Diamond Candles

Since you all know I loveeeeeeee candles ;) well I saw a review on Youtube on ( AllthatGlitters21 ) I think thats her channel lol !!
Diamond Candles were ft. On her video and what makes Diamond Candles so special is the fact that they actually have a ring inside them, every candle has one, and the ring can be worth from $10 all the way to $5000. I
I placed my 1st order as soon as her video was over, I chose the Pumpkin Chai candle , they actually have somewhere around 10 diff. scents and they come up with a collection according to the season. I got my candle just as many others for the rhrill to see if I was one of the lucky ppl. That scored at least the $100 ring lol.
But even if I get the $10 I will be pleased, I have not burned the canddle yet lol but I will latet on tonight I will take pictures and maybe a little clip to add to the whole experience lol.
Vosit their site so you can learn more about the whole story behind the company and make sure to check out the videos of actual customers.

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  1. How cool!! Going to go check it out right now!! LOL Let us know what you get!


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