Friday, September 23, 2011


Touring my SEPHORA as usual , I bumped into this cutie called , PACIFICA COCONUT CRUSHED PEARL BODY BUTTER , and here is the story:

So mainly I got this body butter because of its scent and yes its smells pretty amazing. Just for the fact that its pretty hard for me to find a gr8 coconut scent that doesnt give me a headache, and let me tell you this one really impressed my nostrils lol :D.
Honestly I have never even stopped and looked at the PACIFICA booth inside my SEPHORA , not because its unatractive or so but I never make my way allll the waaaay to the back and it so happens that the PACIFICA section is in the last row of products and thee very end of the store. Which I personally think its unfair because the brand does carry some reaalllly yummy scents and really gr8 products. 
Packaging for the entire brand is quite original and very trendy they have that Indie-Boho-Chic vibe to their design with some pretty nice color combos , overall nice to the eye , and to thee nosie :D.

Going back to the actual product review, the consistency of the product its pretty thick and really moisturizing. A little goes a looong waaay , honestly you dont need a wholelot of product & last BUT not least it has a very pleasant scent and looots loots of shimmer and glow. For me its a like a dupe of BENEFIT's HIGH BEAM but in a body butter.

The product claims that it is a aluminizing body butter that gives shimmer and glow to the skin , infused with coconut oil , pearls and sea minerals.

I truly believe that the products embodies all its claims to a %100 !! I will recommend the product.

This is a snapshot of the actual product against the light in order to appreciate the amount of actual product you get.

 In this picture the product is being compared to a "regular" body butter , you can see 1. the shimmers, 2. the thickness of the product.

 S-H-I-M-M-E-R-S !!!!! :D 

You can find this product and the Pacifica brand at your local SEPHORA or SEPHORA.COM
I got 2FLOZ for $7.00

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