Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I was terrified of wearing any highlight or anything that give shininess to my face, but I hadnt realize that theres an  ocean of difference between "glow" and "grease" , this product is as well from my "vacay" series. The benefit sales gal , was amazing and so helpfull, so she asked me if I was using a highlight and my face was like -.- no ma'm I dont because I would look like a glowstick lol ! she laugh so hard and was no you wont let me show you. I was like "ok" but still thinking in my head " omg I know my skin its not going to look rite". She asked if I had seen or used or tested " Girl Meets Pear " I told I had seen it but never actually put it in my face. 
 So she kept going and on with her demo, using a foundation brush ( the flat one )
she applied some on my temples and on the top portion of my cheek bone on the bridge of my nose etc. she even went a little crazy and I think she put some all over lol ! 
She showed the finished result and voila !!! I looked amazing and literally said WHOA ! lol ! 
I did not look shiny, neither dewy or however you spell it , I just had a glow that looked so natural an amazing !! so I got it.
 Packaging amazing so BENEFIT style !!
This is the product , glue stick kinda container , you twist and product comes out, CAREFUL a bit goes a long way, so dont get excited twisting :p

This product get an A+ totally for oily skin, eventhou its not specifically made for it, it works just fine, it does not make you like like a glowing stick , litebulb or else ! you look amazing with a healthy look, super natural ahhghgh jaw droppin, mouth drowling ! lol !


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