Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I've been wanting to try Bobbi Brown products fro a while but honestly nothing had WOOW'D me or truly make me feel like OH I GOTTA HAVE IT.
As I was walking around Nordstrom in La Cantera @ S.A ! :D 
I had to had to go to the beauty section lol ! 
I saw the Bobbi Brown section and I told myself "Gaby 2day is the day lol find something that you like" , I scanned the entire Bobbi Brown stuff and I had a dupe almost for every color , then I saw something that I maybe I missed b4, and yes it was pink LOL ! ,  it was a rounded shaped container with pink filling lol  ! I opened it and I kinda reminded me to the Makeup Forever Aqua Cream which I had, but this differed from the Aqua Cream a lot actually it was super silky-smooth when the Aqua Cream was a lot dryer and had to apply or so I think. 

The consistency is not sticky at all , and super nice to work with , it gives an amazing natural glow to your lips , you can DEFF. build it up or just wear it natural.
You can also use the product on your cheeks BUT ! I rather not lol .. 
I reaaally recommend you getting your hands on one of these babies ! they do have a lot of colors and I think every color they carry suits ever skin tone , they run around $24 but then again its blush and lipstick , so you do the math ! lol ! 

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