Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ok so today my husband had training , meaning he was getting out earlier, than usual. Earlier meaning theres was gonna be sunlight and stores were going to be open, usually I shop online lol.
I told him remeber you said your were going to take me to ULTA, he makes an awkward face and says
"OH YEAH BABE" lol , I make my way straight to the ESSIE section and my plan was was catches your eye GET IT. So I got  ESSIE "LADY LIKE" truly amazing pink-mauve-purplelish color I love it. Then I moved on to the CHINA GLAZE and what made my head turn was "FAIRY DUST" I love the name could not been better, its like a rainbow-shimmer in silver ( thats what I perceived if it makes any sense ). Making my way to the register I bumped into ZOYA and was so undecided between "MARINA" and "CYNTHIA", so I asked my <3bug for his true opinion and he said that "MARINA" was super cool , so I went with it. At the register I saw OPI ( miss universe collection ) and I honestly DIDNOT like much BUUUUUUUUT !! one little guy stood out from the crowd was " ITS MY YEAR" omg its a total jawdropper.

Picture of my little haul :D .. Hope your enjoy ... Swatches coming soon

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