Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ok girlies so I have oily skin, and as you may or may not know its a pain in the bootey ! to keep your makeup looking FAV. and in tip-top shape , so not alone I have oily skin , its really sensitive as well , I have tried Clinique pressed powder ( broke me out ) , Sephora brand ( broke me out ) , Lancome ( broke me out ) and dont get me wrong the quality on all those products its AMAZING its just that they dont work it out with my face thats it. 
The last powder I was using was Neutrogena clear skin or something like that powder its not omg just came out today but its recent. WOW that thing killed my face , and I had hear so many good comments about it that I kept using fooling myself with the so awful lie " it gets worst b4 it gets better " thats a TOTAL LIE ! if it works it works period ! 
Well I did all my research and was brought down to 2 products, one was 
I did use it but I hated it , maybe Im not a loose powder kinda gal but I had to return it , and you know it takes real hate to go and return something.

The quality was not bad just average , I typical CASPER white powder and I did not enjoy the look it had on my face. 
this is a tiny swatch on my hand it looks ghostly ! lol ! 

My product #2 was Laura Mercier translucent shine control pressed powder
This stuff is soo good and it sticks true to the words on the packaging, its translucent BUT of course like any translucent powder if you over apply it you will end up looking like Caspers momma.
I love that fact that my face stays shine free, its amazing ! 
perfect for setting liquid foundation and for touchups 
The packaging is really Laure Mercier like, pretty classy.
These were my freebies they were the body shop vitamin E moisture cream.

I hope that this helps you in case youre on the lookout for a setting powder.

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