Monday, October 3, 2011


The only "other" candle brand I can stand aside from my beloved CANDLES BY VICTORIA ( click on the name to be directed to THEE BEST CANDLES ON EARTH ).
ok enough with my blabber , the brand Im going to talk to you guys about is the BATH & BODY WORKS candles, which I really like , enjoy and feel they are worth the $$.

So I had a 20%off entire purchase coupon and "I HAD TO USE IT" lol  ! , so I made my way to my nearest B&BW, I walked in and of course my nostrils were having a BLAST ! with so many good smelling thingies I was twirling around and saw thee yummiest candles evaa !!! let me tell you ahead of time I ADORE ANYTHING PEPPERMINT , SPEARMINT, MINT ,MINTY ETC !! 
and I always go nuts with thhe B&BW xmas collection , with that being said I saw this minis. 

marshmallow peppermint
dark chocolate mint
mint chocolate 

they all smell really yumiiii !!!
and 3 for 5 I feel its a good deal $$

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