Saturday, September 17, 2011


HAAAAAUL timee baby yeah !! lol ( silly me )

Ok well I bet we are all used to a "VIDEO HAUL" from Youtube BUT lets bring the groove on to the blog. Dont get me wrong Im not hating on Youtubers' I LOVE YOUTUBE as a matter of fact Im wired to the computer watching all types of videos. It takes some guts to sit in front of a camera and pretend your talking to someone well at least thats my point of view, I tried it and nah not for me I feel I express myself waaay better writting than talking. So I tag you to do a Haul video next time you go shopping lets do it just for fun.

Well since I was like 20 points away from the 500 pointperk I was mmhhm Im gonna go and buy some thank you gooddies for my followers and grab some body butter and I needed some hair ties.
I went straight to the nail polish section and got the cutest 3 different shades I saw :D , some ribbon hair ties and I found those adorable ribbon ties I got onw in my July Birchbox and Ive been wearing that one for 1 month so by now I needed a break hahah I got the neutral colors they look adorable on your wrist and I found that they did not make my head hurt as with some other ones so I really love them.

I was walking around the store for a GR8 smelling bodybutter. I had never tried any products from the PACIFICA brand so I was in that section a good amount of time sniffing everything and I trully like the scents , they were natural and really nice combinations.

I decided to go with PACIFICA COCONUT CRUSHED PEARL LUMINIZING BODY BUTTER , its a amazing coconut scent ( not a headache one ) and it does look like it has some pearl dust , because the glow its amazing it kinda look like High Beam from Benefit but in a cream. I will do swatches and a full review once I try it for a couple of days.

For my 500 point perk they had a cute Benefit one with a full size blush in Dandelion, a BADGal mascara ( travel size and a that Gal sample ) I have a few Benefit cosmetics I thing their packaging is adorable and I use my high beam everyday :D

Ive ben trying to buy a blush but theres so many that I couldnt make up my mind so its GR8 that sephora had one as a freebie.

Picture from sephora website.
Moving on to Charming Charlie :D I love that store but sometimes is overwhelming the amount of color lol I just don know what to get so I went and was bargain shopping hahaaha, and I found some prety good stuff. I got a pair of earrings for $1 , a adorable bracelet from $12 reduced to $5 and a cute cream bracelet that I bought to add some stuff ( I buy simple stuff and add things to it to make it look cool lol hahah or so I think ) 

Well that was my haulll :D now I tag  YOU, yes you if you just came back from Walmart, Target, CVS or so, Show us what you got :D

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