Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So yesterday I was near one of my "walmart's" as I like to call " ULTA " and " SEPHORA " , ok so back to the review , I was near Ulta and I decided to go and peak in , IDK maybe something "new" would be there awaiting for me , and I get near the entrance I see the 21 Days of Beauty or Beauty Days. Which basically consists of 21 days dedicated to certain brands and they have what they call "beauty steals" which are discounts on full size products and let me you THEY HAVE SOME GR8 DEALS , so be sure to check out your nearest ULTA if you have a chance. So I was running out of my Tarte bronzer which BTW I really loved and SUPER recommend , so I decided to try a new one just for the fun of it. I see towards the register they have the "travel sizes" so I reach out just to check out if they had any travel size bronzers so I could try some. The one that really got my attention was TOO FACED PINK LEOPARD , pink packaging super cute little square so I got some other goodies that I "needed" and walk to the register to make my way out. When I was about to pay the girl was like oh since you made a TOO FACED purchase you get a freebe I was OMG cool , the she trows in the bag a little pink box I was oh cool. I was sossoososo curious to see what was in the bag that I reached out and opened the rectangular sorta box, and OMG I see a "flatbuki" a small super adorable flatbuki its really really adorable. I then opened the PInk Leopard and was so happy because it has a cheetah print to it in pink and bronze and cooper colors and omg I looked just adorable.

The product itself was $15 for 2.5g/ 0.08Oz I thought it was kinda pricy but oh well it was pink , I actually liked to product better to look at it , than an actual bronzer just for the fact that it had one to many shimmery thingies for my like. It is a really nice finish though DONT get me wrong , its not cheap , or else its just that I prefer my bronzers and blushes with juust the tiniest bit of shimmer and with this one I felt like Edward Cullen.

Its a really nice product amazing "eye-candy" as I like to call super adorable cute stuff, the quality is deff. pretty nice and it glides on your skin perfectly , the flatbuki its actually a very good bronzer brush or conturing. Juts for the fact that it has flat-kinda sides to it.

Packaging: A+
Looks: A+
Quality: A+
Will Recommend: DEFF.
Will Re-purchase: PROB. NOT just because I dont enjoy shimmer to much, but if had the choice to NOT but I would DEFF. STILL DO.

Pictures of actual product

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