Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I had been using Ponds makeup removing wipes, and I thought I was really enjoying them. 
UNTIL I stumbled upon Say YES to .. brand basically a brand that claimed that using natural sources or ingredients in their products they were not only going to work better but be natural and silicone free and all those eeewwk formulations in almost EVERYTHING that surrounds us. 

I had actually ran out or I think I had very few wipes left and I was at ULTA as usual lol  ! ! .. 

Honestly what attracts my attention to a product presentation or "booth" at a store is their packaging and colors. Ok well this brand had Orange, Purple, Red and GREEN. The orange its main ingredient is carrots , the purple are made with blueberries , the red one tomatoes and the GREEN are made with cucumbers.

Each one has "purposes" so I got just a "cleansing one" which happen to be the GREENone , I loved the little sticker it has on the inside which says " WIPE THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE " or so.. 
Pretty nice message to jumpstart your cleaning routine. 

The scent is not YUMMY because cucumbers dont have a bubblegum scent to them to be yummy they just smell clean. So the scent is clean, and crisp you can almost taste the cucumber so watch out dont eat it lol .. The wipe itself is kinda rough but NOT HARSH , rough as in a gentle exfoliating surface which I  find pretty amazing knowing the fact that I hate to feel my face dirty so thats roughness makes a differente from all the other brands I have tried, even the ones with the "bumps" that are suppose to act as an exfoliator, but at the end they just leave a "film-dwey" feel to the skin which really annoyed me.

Long story short if your are looking for a product that its natural , organic and that its just going to go down to business and clean your face, deff. give SAY YES TO CUCUMBERS a try and trust me your face will feel clean, fresh, and the scent its really appealing. 


some snapshots of the product

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