Tuesday, September 6, 2011



So today was finally the day I had been waiting for a while. So a couple of months ago I was doing my regular routine during the day which is check Youtube for review videos of products I would like to try. I bumped with this video about some girl giving her opinion of nail polish brands and she mentioned Julep I had never heard of such brand and the thing that got my attention was how amazing the polish looked tru the camera. I kept on doing my research about the brand and I just getting more and more and more excited because let me tell you I ADORE NAIL POLISH.

I was finally ready to make my first purchase WHEN ! I see that they have a new monthly nail care club called "MAVEN". Immediate reaction I start taking my "style quiz" and was revealed with my selection , I loved the fact youre getting HIGH end products for a fraction of the price and besides they will be colors never before seen and amazing nail treatments.

They have amazing and fast responding customer service which for me is a major + , just for the fact that you have your own profile and all that good stuff. Its an amazing brand and I see a bright future for them I can DEFF. recommend to anyone and everyone.

The quality of the products its amazing , the consistency for the formulation of the actual polish is super creamy, super pigmented and glides into the nail beautifully. I also got their "Facial for Hands" Glycolic Hand Scrub , and its really soft and subtle for everyday use and leaves yours hands with a silky feel to them its just really hard to put into words its one of those things you have to try for yourself. The package included a sample from of the "Everyday SPF" which haves SPF30 and has no greasy feeling to it.

Overall AMAZING purchase Im really happy and looking forward for more.

Following some pictures of the actual nail polish.


  1. Love the colors you got in your box! Do you have swatches of them? What colors are they? I love the orangy, bronzy one! Is it Zoe?

  2. what was your beauty profile? I got those colors for American Beauty but was rather disappointed!

  3. My beauty profile was " American Beauty " which I thought did not suit me , so I got my profile switched for " It Girl " I was not crazy about it at the beginning but once I saw the upcoming trends I feel they kinda suit whats "IN". Im so sorry you did not enjoyed your Maven box, Email them and let them know your concerns.


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