Friday, November 4, 2011


Hello girls , well to get this weekend started let me introduce you'll to Orly-Androgynie.
Beautiful black-deep brown-super light gold undertone-sheer-jelly like base ( sorry I hope I made m point lol ), with multi-size-color glitter, it takes about 2 coats to be opaque while letting the glitter peak tru. Under "normal" lighting the glitter is not a deep and potent as under light and sun, I did read some reviews that stated that it was lumpy and did not dry correctly, well mine did dry fairly quick and was not lumpy at all. I do like it a lot its a deff. fall-winter and goes on with any skin tone.


I did a little "experiment" to see if the polish with POP with different colors as basecoats , and honestly I did not like any , this guy ROCKS ON IT OWN. Here are the results.

Have a gr8 weekend


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