Monday, January 30, 2012

Pure Turquoise LOVE (( Barry M ))

Pure Turquoise is the bomb !! I received it as a swap from my beloved friend Claudia in thee Netherlands as I mention in my last nail mail post.
As a good nail polish fanatic I COULDNT wait to try it on lol !! And OMG !! I was soo excited that I even paired it with a very very similar color Juicy velour jacket and was rocking mu nails and jacket like there was no tomorrow lol !!! Then I went home and decided I wanted to do some nail art on it !! Yeah I know 2 days same polish GOSH I must've loved this guy ! Well I grabbed some black polish and pink lol and I went off !! Lol and this was my creation !! It had to have a heart just for the fact that Im in love with this thing lol !!! Enjoy !!! ((((( EXCUSE MY DRY OUT CUTICLES ))))


  1. I'm so glad you love it and that they all got there in one piee babe! <3 it looks fabulous on you and you certainly are rocking it with that jacket!


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