Sunday, September 25, 2011



So Ive seen a lot of "whats in my purse?" TAG videos on YouTube BUT HEYY , lets get our blog groove going on loool. I TAG ALL MY FOLLOWERS!! <3

My handbag is a TOUS purse you can find it at and there you choose your corresponding location.

Sorry for the MESS !! lets begin:
  • Juicy Couture Wallet ( that I got on BlackFriday last year )
  • NASTY Under Armour head band ( I was back from working out )
  • Iphone headphones with the cord keeper-thingie ( I always managed to loose'em now so far so good )
  • KEYS, yes its that messy bunch of thingies in your lower left-hand corner lol with all reward points keychain thingies.
  • Some coins
  • Juicy Couture DIIIIRTTTYY ! makeup bag, she needs a trip to the laundry ASAP. 
  • Sunglasses
  • A bunch of hair clips, I LITERALLY loose the once Im wearing during the day , by the end of my day. 

From the pockets
  • As you all know I LOVE good smelling thingies SOO this thingie ( ME ) must smell good , so I carry 1 body mist ( Heavenly VS ) 1 rollerball ( Heavenly VS ) and 1 solid perfume ( Blue Orchid by: CrazyLibellule & the Poppies )
  • BurtsBees
  • EOS lip balm
  • Walgreens receipt with cash inside ( Ive lost quite a bit of $$ because I leave the money wrapped with the receipt & my purse manages to get full of them I get frustrated and toss them away )
  • ULTA receipt 99.99% of the time theres either a ULTA or SEPHORA receipt
  • MAC appt.
  • SecheVite pamplet 

The info. shared was not intended to "show off" or "brag" about any products .. lets keep this fun !

WHOS NEXT ??????????????

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