Sunday, September 25, 2011


Another of my guilty pleasures is LUSH COSMETICS, since Im a tree huger I try to be as green as possible and lush is an amazing brand for that, not only most of their products are made out of natural sources BUT some of them dont include packaging like the shampoo bars , that I will talk about in another post :D.

BIG is a shampoo made out of coarse sea salt,lemon, coconut oil and so on.. 
as you can see from the beginning the main ingredient is a natural product not those weird thingies that you CANT EVEN PRONOUNCE.
You can picture BIG like a salt with liquid shampoo , or at least that the feel that I think would be the best mixture to kinda get an idea of the consistency and texture of the product. 
BIG its supposed to bring life into your hair and really cleanse due to the exfoliation performed by the salt granules.

After you wash your hair with it , you will notice the difference in your hair, your scalp will feel super clean and crisp and you hair will look shiny and feel amazing!. Im not gonna lie , it is drying , like I wont leave your hair silky smooth to the touch once youre in the shower , due to the fact that your hair is ready for condition , meaning you need to infuse your hair with conditioner.
I was a little skeptical and I thought that was left my hair smooth was the conditioner but NO, because I did try different brands and formulations in conjunction to this product and the result never varied my hair was smooth , meaning that it was indeed BIG working its magic, I did notice that my hair looked and felt fuller and with less frizz.

You can find amazing products like this one mentioned above in the LUSH COSMETICS WEBSITE. and click in your corresponding flag and it will send you to the store :D 

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