Sunday, September 18, 2011


Have you ever bumpet into something that you feel needs a little something , something that you really like but you think you can fix it ? ..

Well if you got my point hahah I had one of those moments while a was "just because" shopping at CHARMING CHARLIE amazing store btw. I went straight to clearance because thats how I usually do my shopping I go to clearance and if theres is nothing wearable or that I like or I can MAKE MYSELF LIKE hahaha I'll pass and move on.

This time it so happened that I found a couple of goodies, some earrings for $1 , a cuuuuteee bracelets with lots of dangling thingies and a bracelet that I liked but NOT LOVED , but still theres was something that the bracelet had that was calling my name.

This was the little guy that was calling my name , theres something about it that I love and somethng that I feel makes him look simple... 

I had some chains that I had removed from some shoes that I was getting rid of but the chains were super pretty ( or at least I felt they could work for something else )

So that was my project I choose one style of chains and attached the loops to the Charming Charlie bracelet.

The finished product looked like this , I was really happy with the outcome :D  

So girls remember if you find something in your path that you feel can have a better use to it , like old chains, buttons and stuff like that , remember they can always be transformed into something cool :D

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