Monday, September 19, 2011



HI beauties ! how was your weekend ?? WELL mine was pretty usual lol !! my love was working so I was stuck at home and I was spending some quality time with my parents and brother. 

I was telling them about my blog and how excited I was about the people that follow me , and how I was planning on having giveaways and all that cool stuff , and since Im "just because" shopping every other day Im picking up stuff for you guys as well :D .. 

Butter London is another one of my <3 stealers .. I truly love the brand and I adore the names of the lacquers. They have some pretty original ones, I will be having some reviews on my faves and not so faves coming soon. 

Now here is the deal I will make like a " Milestone Celebration Giveaway " for every 50 followers I get and I kicked off with a Julep give away which was my fave :D now Im off to Butter London .. Guys spread the word and Help me reach 50 followers and I ll be giving away 1 Butter London nail polish/lacquer to one of my followers and so on for every 50 I make a deluxe milestone giveaway the more I get the better the price will be .. 

Thank you so much for you help and I will be posting this weeks giveaway tomorrow during the day so stay tuned ( the milestone giveaway will be aside from my weekly ones )......


  1. can't wait! i'm constantly telling my family about what gos on in my blog! i think they get so annoyed,lolol!


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