Monday, September 19, 2011



I use my hands ALOT Im usually either washing clothes ( loots of uniforms :/ ) or cleaning duty boots , you know a typical life of a Law Enforcement Officer Wife hahaha aside from hate from half or the people around me because of "unfair" tickets, so back to my story. 

All that washing clothes , ironing shirts and cleaning boots which I clean boots everyday, take it downside with my hands, I feel then rough and dry at times. Im only 22 and I worry my hands look older lol hha ahaha .. Since I love to do my nails , hands need to be in tip-top shape, since Im a member from Julep Maven ( a monthly subscription to Julep were just for $19.99 a month you get top of the line nail care , hand care products ) well on my 1st order I got the GLYCOLIC HAND SCRUB
At 1st I thought it was going to be similar to MaryKay Satin Hands which btw I personally dislike I feel it does nothing for my hands after one wash the effect of "soft satin hands" wears out.

I did not use my FACIAL FOR HANDS ( GLYCOLIC HAND SCRUB) right away I was a little skeptical due to the fact that my previous "hand scrub" experiences were not WOW for me. One day I just randomly grabbed it and put it to the test. 

The consistency is like if there were seeds or something and the coloring of the product is brown-ish. It is think and spreads out pretty even , I do prefer to use generous amounts, the scrub is gently YET efficient. I did love the fact that my hands stayed soft for a long period of time without wearing out between washes. The scent is pleasant , yet not overwhelming its just "right".

My hands have improved a lot , I feel the waay softer and they look alive not dull .. I would really recommend this product for all the mani-care fellow lovers out there :D. 
TIP* The price for the product $32 BUTif you join Julep Maven you will get it for 
$19.99 plus 2 nail polishes !! AMAZING I know !! lol !! 

follow this link to join the JULEP MAVEN family :D 

Claims: ( form ) 
Julep Facial for Hands is based on our very popular Julep Girlfriend’s Glycolic Manicure.  Potent glycolic acid combined with apricot seeds provides powerful double exfoliation that leaves your hands feeling noticeably softer and looking younger after just one use.  Naturally scented with orange oil for a refreshing aromatherapy boost with each use. This product is perfect for anyone battling dry, dull skin, age spots and fine lines on your hands. 

Overall : Julep MEETS my expectations :D 


  1. I love this scrub also!!! Have you tried the LUSH Ocean Salt Cleanser? I did for the first time, and my skin felt soft even throughout the next day :)

  2. I love this scrub also! Have you tried LUSH Ocean Salt Cleanser? I did for the first time the other day, and my skin felt soft for a couple of days :)

  3. @Jacki - I adore it , it lovely right :D
    @Allthatisgorgeous - Yes I have I was thinking about making a battle of the brands lol between those 2


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