Thursday, March 22, 2012


Weeeell ! My March BB was kinda of a love-hate one lol ! Indeed it falls on the GR8 range but I got 1 product I already own and It was the full size one sooo yeah , it was a nail polish so yeah its awesome because I love nail polish YET ! I already own it sooo mmmhhm ! Now I gotta have a swap swap swap ;) well I also received a super nice deluxe sample from the famous Sugar Scrub from Fresh which runs for $22.50 Ive been wanting it for the longest yet I always find my way round it and end up not buying it lol ! I also got an Uh-mazing hair serum from Kerastase buuut the full size runs for $55 !! So yeah lol back to my coconut oil hahaha ! I got a perfume sample which smells pretty nice YET runs for $90 soo mmhm NO buy lol and my favorite out of all was a TWiST TIE ! Omg I got my 1st one 7 mnth ago and I still have it ;) I ordered the 3 pack finally so yeah I have enough stuff and info to give you guys a full review ;) so yeah out of all the products I loved all hahhaa BUT ! The sizes were tiny or too expensive and the one full size one I already own it ;) ...


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  1. Birchbox is great !i love your essie nail polish!

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