Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Orgasm at the tip of my fingers

As part of the Super Orgasm gift set I bought at Sephora on Sun. One of the items was a beautifull nail polish of course called Super Orgasm ! ;)
Super Orgasm is a "peachy" sheer color with some silverish sparkle to it when you look at it at an angle with a lot of round glitter not micro but small in size it took me 3 coats to get it to look opaque but with one coat you can get a nice flush to your nails. It dries pretty fast and its easy apply , What do you think ??
Whats NARS colors do you own ??

( excuse the messy mani but pics were taken b4 cleanup )


  1. I don't own any NARS nail polishes, but now I'm thinking about it)) I really love the color!

    1. Its really pretty and they dry really fast ;) check out sephora for them they come up with pretty nice limited edition ones ;)


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