Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 Im not a big "eye makeup fan" but I have heard a lot of rammblin' about this set so I decided to pick it up and see what all the deal was about. 
 The product comes in a magnetized box that once you open , the product is exposed , there 9 rows and 3 "looks".  On the top portion of the lid theres a compartment that hides 3 "step by step " makeup looks
 The looks that you achieve with this palette are " DAY ", " CLASSIC ", " FASHION ", the instructions are pretty easy to follow since each eye shadow is labeled, and they walk you rite tru the eye "look" you desire.
 They also include a basic sponge/flat brush, I honestly did not use either, I find it hard to put eyeshadow on with a sponge. You dont need pro brushes either, a basic set would do or if you like the "sponge" technique then they got you all set.
 These are my FAV. color combo "DAY" from top-bottom ( cream , super soft beige-brown, mocha ) they are kinda-matte and have almost no shimmer Im not a fan of shimmery eye shadows just for the fact that I feel that if you pack on too many shimmery they will overpower the rest or it will look like you have a lightbulb in your lids lol.
 Now here is were they start to get shimmery but not to overwhelming "CLASSIC", from top-bottom ( shimmery creamy pink, ,bronze with gold reflections , mocha with very very subtle silver shimmer almost not noticeable )
This look is"FASHION" and if by "fashion" they mean shimmer oh yeah its fashion lol ! , for me these combo has a lot of shimmer in the 1st 2 to the last will end up with shimmers as well.
Top-bottom ( Shimmery pink with silver-gold reflects, gold-bronze with silver reflects, deep brown with very subtle silver-gold reflects ) I feel this look will stand out too much in front of a camera flash and we dont want to blind the camera with your eye shadow rite.

Overall is a nice product I dont regret buying it but I wont repurchase just for the fact that I feel I will not use the last colors and I payed for 3 colors Im not going to use. Maybe I will use the deep brown but not the other 2 pink bronze shimmery ones, it was not a "bad buy" because the pigmentation is pretty good and they work  amazing with a brush so you do get quality and the presentation on it is pretty nice-clean, for traveling it is bulky but other than that its a really nice product overall.

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  1. Pretty colors! I don't have this palette, but I have the UD one!


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