Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Man I Met in Prism ( lol the tittle )

FT. ManGlaze ( MATTE IS MURDER ) & Orchid ( I MET HIM IN PRISM )

So yesterday I posted my beautiful find at my local HEB which was Orchid nail Lacquer in I MET HIM IN PRISM , which basically was a clear based flaky-glittery-sparkly polish which reflection reacted towards the positioning of your hand and the light. This can trully transform dark colors or give a nice subtle effect to brite colors.

My decision to make the most out of it was to pair it up with a matte black that way the sparkles can really do their job, and what a better what to set a gr8 foundation to this than my beloved ManGlaze in " Matte is Murder ". The outcome was amazing and I got a lot of compliments yesterday while wearing it, Im really really happy !. 


  1. So pretty!! i love it. where do you find this?

  2. PS: I keep having popup ads on your blog. Is that intentional? They're annoying! I am not sure my last comment went through as the ad kept jumpingin front of my cursor.


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