Thursday, March 15, 2012


The best part about tanning is the peculiar smell of tanning lotion ,the mix of coconut yet not head aching, its amazing. 
Well at least I love and adore the way it smells, and wish I found a perfume or body spray that smell at least similar ; and I think I did, and its called BRONZE GODDES by Estee Lauder. I saw it on the Estee Lauder Macys counter a few days ago paired with a HUGE bronzer and a "bronze" color lipstick that honestly neither of them appealed to me.

BRONZE GODDES on the other hand smelled amazing just like taking a whiff off the tanning lotion
and it does linger onto your skin yet settles once it mixes with out natural scent. Price-wise I feel its kinda pricey at $49.99 plus tax , because Im not drawn to Estee Lauder cosmetics often well actually it the 1st Estee Lauder counter purchase I make, I often feel their cosmetics are kinda boring but I dont want to judge the book by its cover. 

BRONZE GODDES can also be found at CCO's for round' $45.00 so theres not that big of a difference, as well as Macys. Honestly I have not checked their website to see if its avai. there because as I mentioned above Im not a fan of Estee Lauder yet I did enjoy my purchase.


IDK Why but BRONZE GODDES reminds of this song lol ! 

Packaging is very nice and appropriate to suit the needs of the product.
As I mentioned above she packaging goes perfect since it glimpses gold shimmer just like the box is being sunkissed 
The bottle its pretty normal , just rectangular with a multi colored gold cap, and "ombre"ish gold glitter effect
The glitter shines a LOT ! and it does NOT fall out.

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