Thursday, February 2, 2012

I dream of ...

As part of my daily Blog-reading one "tittle" in particular caught my attention it read " I dream of .. " from WE ALL WANT TO BE GLAMOUROUS ( click HERE ) to be directed to the Blog, I opened the post and it was a list of stuff she was wanting at the moment and I bet we all keep "eye'ing" certain thing yet dont get them some times its due to $ , or just we need that little bump to get them well I currently have a list of things I've been dreaming of .. ... ..

This is my ALL TIME favorite dog !! bullies total rock yet I love my Chihuahua lol How ironic is life ??

the Butter London Spring 2012 collection theres just something about all of them that gets my attention yet the swatches I've seen dont completely full fill my eye theres this thing I cant recall what it is that makes want them all lol !! gr8 marketing Butter London. 

 OMG !! this purse has been a WANT , DREAM , WISH in my list for a while Ive had the opportunity to  purchase it a few times but theres something that always comes up .. Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 35.
I want NEED those 3 sigma brushes !! as a matter fact ( from left to right ) those 2 I think Im going to order them tonite lol ( I've said that 20000000 times b4 ).

I WANT this I know it not avai. anymore or at least that what Ive been told , I also know theres a few dupes for it but hey I want the Minaj one lol !

The Yves Saint Laurent glossy stain ( the name is to complicated lol ) 
have me on the verge of a heart attack lol arent they cute.

Last but not least the Ita Kabuki brush by NARS is so cute and awesome !!! I WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may think " omg how materialistic " but hey dreaming costs NOTHING !! rite so lets keep dreaming !! soo What have you been dreaming of ???/

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