Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jack-O and the Shine of times

I got this awesome orange as part of a sale From the OCC website ;) wohooo score !!! This guys in the pic below are my 1st Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics nail polish. The brand is known for being Cruelty Free , chic and clean on their website design and packaging, as well as a really gr8 pigmentation on their products. This could not be the exception due to that fact that the pigmentation on the nail polish is amazing , it glides onto the nail amazingly smooth and its consistency it easy to work with. The color itself gives ur nails a really nice pop of color yet I decided to take the extra mile and amp it up a bit more with a light hand of Essie Shine of Times from their Luxeffects collection and it loved the turnout ;) then to top it off and decided to go for a matte look so I grabbed Matte Magic from
China Glaze and I stayed in Ahwwhhhhhhggggg !!!! :O I feel that matte over a flakie is like putting in Slow'mow ! You just appreciatte every flakie of it ;) .,,, check it out .......


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