Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Im a mascara freak lol , this meaning Im always on the lookout for " thee perfect mascara " Well I had been tempted to try this mascara calles Fairy Drops which is a Japanese mascara created by a Japanese TV personality , lately Japan is getting a lot of demand on beauty products. Well the mascara is a really thick mascara , with some like micro fibers that stick to your eye lash and you build upon it to create lenght. I feel it does make lashes longer and thicker but I dont thick it gives the effect of "lots of lashes" I honestly rather have l long and defined lashes than lots because at times it might look "crowded and not defined" I feel this mascara suit my style as far as lenght , BUT if you are seeking for a mascara that gives the appearance of multiple lashes , this one may not be what you need ;). Pricing is $24 at sephora so it is on the "pricy""high-end" side but ai will repurchase.

On the pictures you can see the generl packging and the brush which is pretty nice and unique, and you can kinda get an idea of themicro fibers I mentined above. The lash that looks long and defined has only 1 coat of fairy drops and the other one is "naked" no product on the lash at all.


  1. I have heard the the FairyDrops for Sephora is not as good as the original kind! I want to get my hands on that one! Can't wait for someone to go to Japan!!! You have gorgeous lashes! Mine are tiny and sparse LOL

  2. I thought that it was the same formulation lol know I wanna try the one from japan lol ! some1 go and bring us 2 lol !!!


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