Wednesday, October 12, 2011


OK remember that a while back I had mentioned that JEWELMINT had a promo that was buy one and get a piece of their choice for free, OK well the order just came in like 30 min ago ! I got my cam and snap some shots for you.

Jewelmint is a monthly $29.99 Jewelry service, in which you take a "style" quiz and according to your answers they create a "profile". Then stylists "handpick" pieces for you and they present them to you in your showroon , they have different angles of the piece and even like a "how to wear" which I find pretty nice , because many times you see a piece you like BUT " how should I wear it ? .

 The box is in a "mint" color and wrapped with a black bow that reads "Jewelmint" in "mint" color.
 The box its a magnetic-kinda ( it closes and the flap adheres to a magnet )
 On the inside top "flap"they give a brief description of the piece.

As you can see the presentation is pretty elegant and chic, the piece that stole my heart was the "PIN UP NECKLACE" and here it is.
 Sorry for the reflection but as you can see it shines with the sun lol !
 the chain is around 14in , so its pretty long , the finish is matte but it has a shimmer just like any metal against light.

 The "PIN" is around 5in and its a true statement piece !!
The necklace has a metal"tag" that has the brand engraved on it. Usually high end jewelry do that , so it gives it that fancy look.
The piece comes with a velour-kinda pouch , the pouch also ft. the metal tag with the brand engraved on it.

Now the FREEBIE I got was a bracelet called the "HUMANITY BRACELET" in came in a separate box with all the attachments mentioned above as far as presentation and packaging.

 The front portion of the bracelet ft. a flower design
and in the back you can read "TO LOVE TO LIVE AND TO GIVE AND GIVE"

I was nos sponsored by Jewelmint or so, all mentioned above was my honest opinion and my feel towards the product.
I DEFF. recommend the brand its a must see and I wouldnt pay $29.99 for every piece in there but there are some pieces that will get your <3.


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