Monday, September 19, 2011


Bubble White is a Fizzy-Bubbly solution ( comes in a powder form ) , that you mix with warm water ( not hot as it states on the instructions )
Its suppose to help whiten , brighten and cleanse nails, and since my nails do tend to get some yellowish coloration due to the fact that I switch nail polish
every other day, I needed something that could help me remove or prevent at least the yellowing on my nails. I was at my local Sally Beauty Supply and I asked the girl 
working for a product that I could try out for all the stuff mentioned above. 

She said that a lot of ladies would come in and take Bubble White , I was like " oh well " , since the pricing was reasonable $1.99 per packet of 11g or .4OZ net wt.
I grabbed a couple and kept on with my "sally day" I got home and it so happen that I was my " polish change day " and I do the whole set up I get all mani necessities ,
cuticle oil , cuticle dissolver and so on.

I grabbed a glass container, poured some warn water and mix the entire packet into the water. I did not stir or anything I just placed my hands inside the bowl and I was twirling my fingers around to make sure I got product all over my nails. The sensation to the fizzing was funny and interesting but I bet that if I trow my hands inside anything fizzy I would get the same sensation. Its was tingly and fizzy and funny lol . 

The scent was HORRIBLE I have a very very sensitive nose to any scent but when it comes to yummy or in this case EWWWWKY scents Im the master lol. I totally dislike the scent of chlorine , I can smell it from miles away and get a massive horrible headache , and this product had a covered chlorine scent to it , it smelled like baking soda which I think was covering the rest of the chlorine scent but the chlorine was still pretty noticeable.
The packet stated that the product would moisturize nails and cuticles and cleanse any yellowing basically within 5 minutes , I was holding my breath as much as I could because I did not wanted to give a false statement of the product , so I waited the 5 minutes , btw the longest 5 minutes of my entire life. 

Once the 5 min passed I removed the nails from the water and went storming my way to the restroom , before I cleansed my nails with water I saw no change in the coloration of my nails , I was beyond disappointed because I had to put up with the nastiest scent in the whole wide world to have no yellowing removed from the nail, Yes the cuticles were soft, but I believe that if you place you fingers inside a bowl with warm water for 5 minutes you can have the same effect " just saying ".

Overall I WOULD NOT re-purchase this product , I cannot say I wouldn't recommend it because maybe it does work for some people it just happened not to work for me.

I have 1 spare packet that I want to give away not because I want to get rid of it because I could easily go and return it, but maybe I did something wrong or maybe it works for someone else and I need a second opinion thats it. So to enter all you have to do is to leave a comment below giving your tips and tricks against " nail yellowing " and go to Facebook and click "LIKE"

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