Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday OOTD !

I do not consider myself a fashionista or else , yet I dont think I have awful taste in fashion, I play with my colors and try to stay off my comfort zone without looking ridiculous.
Today I have to run some errands as usual , I wanna look comfy-style'ish so heres what I put together:
I grabbed my FAVORITE EVER pants !! J.Crew PIXIE PANTS ! thee best of the best pant-legging combo ( mime are black but I only found the pic in grey )
For the top I went with my FAV color's range fuchsia pink not "up in yo'face " but bright enough as far as shoes thats where I went out of my comfort zone using the leopard print shoes I would usually do black boots or flats , but I fell for the leopard and paired with my MK chunky gold watch.
Face-wise I change my lipstick a lot , like every other day I stick a new color in my purse so todays pick was VIVA GLAM Gaga 2 and my current "testing stage" mascara is YSL Faux Cills Shocking.

How would you describe my style ?
What are you wearing today ? 
This post reminded me of this song Fashionista by Jimmy James.

Happy FRIDAY ! 


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