Sunday, February 19, 2012


I know Ive rant about BIRCHBOX in the past and Ive mentioned that I would cancel the service , but for some odd reason I forgot to cancel or skip the month of february and OMG Birchbox confuses me so so much , because it so happens that they gave me an amazing box this month. Theres around $30 dlls worth of product and I just had to pay $10.

In this months box I got a " BEAUTY BLENDER " ( full size )
Dermalogica " Daily Microfoliant " ( Deluxe Sample )
Eye Rock " Designer Liner " ( full size )
Jouer " Luminizing Moisturizer " ( mini sample size )
(( EXTRA)) Heart shape nail file and Birchbox Digital download.

This box really got me excited , and I happen to match rite the time when I was wanting to try a beauty blender YET I thought $15-25 for a makeup sponge was too much , I got it in my box ! SCORE  !!
Deff. planning on giving BB another chance for the month of March juts hoping they dont slack back again :)


  1. You definitely got a better box than me this month! Lol I don't get too upset though, when BB sends me stuff that I wouldn't normally care about. I just like trying stuff I normally wouldn't be bothered to purchase.

    1. really ? What did you get ? this is by far one of the best one Ive got , some I dont like anything that BB pick sout for me and I do get excited over to see what goodies are in my box and its a bummer not to like something :( lol ! but hey like you said the point if to try new stuff :)

      Thank You for stoping by :) Im following your blog

  2. It seems like everyone but me got the skin treatment and the eyeliner! I got a hair serum and stick on LIP TATOOS! they are really awful =\ But i think the whole world can agree that the beauty blender is ah-mazing.


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