Friday, December 9, 2011

Bath Junkie 101

Theres a little place called Bath Junkie and its like a little piece of heaven on earth. Where you can customize hand creams , body lotions, body oils, hair consitioner, face cream.... So on and so forth. The custom side of the story gets fun once you attempt to choose a scent since they have tons of scents to choose from, its soo fuuun to choose all the way from bubblegum to dirt , violets to roses and more. I loooove that place and luckily I have one near me and its oh so fun !!! You can even get to choose a color ;) Bath Junkie can also be found online ;) so if you are totally diggin' this idea make sure you look them up. Sooo these where my choices. Body Shea Butter in a baby pink in a combo scent of persimon , strawberry and egyptian musk & and a body oil ( no color ) with coconut , persimon & egyptian musk.
Yuuuuum yuuuumm ;)

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