Friday, October 7, 2011


I have to start this with a big big huge !!! THANK YOU to all the amazing girlies that took time out of their life,day or whatever ! to enter this giveaway ! , it means so so much to me that some1 else out there enjoys or shares the stuff that I like ! Bloggin' has become a real passion to me and I have to thank you all of 97 Subies, Followers or friends !! thank you so so much ! I promise I will jump off my newbieness lol ! and give you guys day by day more more and more quality to the reviews I hope you guys keep on following my stuff :D and Ill be making soon Outfit of the Day and Hauls and Vacay bloggin' and more more to come !  with no further to say but again Thank YOU ! here are the contestants ! 

  1. LeeAnn Stoner
  2. Anisa
  3. Pretty in Pink Polish
  4. Tess Morgan
  5. bleetchblonde
  6. SleanaO1
  7. SleanaO1
  8. SleanaO1
  9. SleanaO1
  10. SleanaO1
  11. SleanaO1
  12. SleanaO1
  13. SleanaO1
  14. SleanaO1
  15. SleanaO1
  16. Fashion Footing
  17. SleanaO1
  18. SleanaO1 
  19. SleanaO1
  20. Shuwanda Ivery
  21. SleanaO1
  22. SleanaO1
  23. SleanaO1
  24. SleanaO1
  25. AmyKelly
  26. Jeanne from NC
  27. Jeanne from NC
  28. Missy Pratt
  29. Missy Pratt
  30. Missy Pratt
  31. Missy Pratt
  32. Ruth
  33. Ruth
  34. Phoebe
  35. LeonaCarolina
  36. LeonaCarolina
  37. SleanaO1
  38. SleanaO1
  39. SleanaO1
  40. SleanaO1
  41. Ruth
  42. MiLuLu
  43. loberry
  44. SleanaO1
  45. SleanaO1
  46. SleanaO1
  47. Kristie
  48. SleanaO1
  49. SleanaO1


contact me asap !!
send me the name of the Julep Pink Color of your choice and your full name and mailing address 

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