Thursday, October 13, 2011


This guy is deff. a pretty boy as it names recalls, and it belong to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics ( a.k.a OCC )
this brand makes the most pigmented products Ive ever encountered, they have a simple-modern look to their brand and just by browsing tru their website you will deff. feel the "minimalist" feeling kicking in.
Dont believe me ??? see it for yourself ------> OCC WEBSITE

Back to the product , Well its a Lip TAR , yuup thats it, basically a UBBER pigmented lip lacquer , they come in a extended range of colors and they all are priced at $13.00 plush S/H , it may seem a lot BUT you need the tinni-tinniest bit for your lips and it lasts quite long. As you can see the product does stain a bit. 

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