Friday, October 7, 2011


So Im a JEWELMINT gal, if you dont know what JEWELMINT is well , here we go its a monthly jewelry subscription where you can receive really nice and well crafted jewelry pieces for a reasonable price , the quality on the pieces looks pretty high quality and nice.
My 1st piece is on its way so once it arrives all make sure to take lots of pictures and be honest about the quality , packaging and overall look of the product.
I placed my 1st order because I got a message a couple of days ago , which stated that I you placed an order rite there and then you would get a free bracelet , so I stormed myself to the website and placed my order. 

My order shipped out 2 days ago and today on one of my multiple ( trillion) email checkups I see this
my face was something like (-.-) mmmmhmm ! ok 
so not thinking twice about it I go to the website and I did 1 credit :D I was happy :D 
I did check my bank account and there was no charge .. so I just hope that everything is OK with my "on its way" order lol ! ill let you girls know how it goes.
there you can see how I was not charged for the piece :D <3 kweeell !! 
this was the baby I choose :D the ASTORIA necklace 

Well the company looks nice and chic and DEFF. have some really nice pieces in stock I believe once they run out thats it, you would have to see if the piece makes a comeback, it might seem a little high priced buut ! in the other hand I have seen some Express , Marciano or so stores have some really expensive jewelry that look pretty cheap, while JEWELMINT looks super nice and trendy buuut I dont want to get to ahead of myself lol ! 

heres is a link in case you girls want to join and check out the website 

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  1. I love this necklace!!! The Astoria was my first piece also!!!


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