Sunday, October 23, 2011


Im so sorry Ive been away and dud not post the giveaway winner on time, Im beyond sorry, my laptop crashed and has been away from me for 2 entire days , yesterday I spent all day at tje hospital taking care of one of my uncles. Luckily he's doing much better, its just that as soon as the weekends started everything went downhill for me, BUT I always keep my head and think positively but you know we all have those days. Im on my way to church and then off to go get my computer. Hopefully everything turns out much better today so I can get going with all that I left behind. Blessings to every1 and Im beyond sorry !


  1. Gaby, your uncle's health is much more important than any silly polish giveaway! I wish him a speedy and successful recovery. Stay positive :)

  2. Sending well wishes to your family! I hope your day is great!


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